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Friends only


My journal is friends-only. Most of my entries will be friends only. A handful will be public. I mostly post about real life, but I do have my fangirl-y moments and I do rave about my favorite actresses/actors/musicians. I do a lot of memes. I try to leave comments but it doesn't always happen. But I always try to reply to the comments that I've received. After reading this, if you want to be my friend, go ahead and leave a comment letting me know something that we have in common. Don't worry, I don't bite. =D If you are already on my flist (or if you are on my flist on eljay, just go ahead and add me), you don't have to do anything. =) I'm not deleting anyone at the moment.

starsky and hutch, house, psych, csi: crime scene investigation, csi:miami, csi: new york, the whitest kids u know, the 4400, wings, boy meets world, american idol, third watch, the family guy, grounded for life, the soup, two guys and a girl, home movies, i love lucy, the late late show with craig ferguson, snl, the office, so you think you can dance, dawsons creek, criminal minds, greek, burn notice, doctor who, torchwood, skins, queer as folk, the l word

the breakfast club, rent, the phantom of the opera, the goonies, the sandlot, the little shop of horrors, the rocky horror picture show, both versions of the producers, ferris beullers day off, pay it forward, they, drumline, v for vendetta, fever pitch, dodgeball, indiana jones and the last crusade, robin hood: prince of thieves, cars, over the hedge, pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl, pirates of the caribbean: dead mans chest, pirates of the caribbean: at world's end, 12 angry men, footloose, dazed and confused, the covenant, braveheart, the little mermaid, the lord of the rings trilogy, the matrix trilogy, big, grease, employee of the month, stomp the yard, philadelphia, without a paddle, edward scissorhands, saved!, labyrinth, stand by me, the prestige, dead poets society, revenge of the nerds, the lost boys, sixeen candles, pretty in pink, problem child, ghostbusters I & II, the mighty ducks I, II, & III, beetlejuice, all dogs go to heaven, the blue collar comedy tour, a knight's tale, little miss sunshine, 27 dresses, radio, the island, clue, center stage, step up, stay alive, resident evil 1+2, hairspray, robin hood: men in tights

my chemical romance, the beatles, the who, the all-american rejects, green day, weezer, the calling, the beach boys, silverchair, relient k, queen, pink floyd, linkin park, panic at the disco, nirvana, nate sallie, michael buble, meatloaf, matchbox 20, papa roach, lifehouse, the killers, justin timberlake, josh groban, cherry-poppin' daddies, bon jovi, bobby darin, blink 182, barenaked ladies, aerosmith, no doubt, 3 doors down, mika, tokio hotel, muse, cobra starship, fall out boy, the academy is..., the hush sound, the cab, gym class heroes, ludo, this is ivy league, the matches, butch walker, the sounds, taking back sunday, chris brown, rhianna, john barrowman, rufus wainwright, say anything, instrumental, swing, big band, show tunes, soundtracks, pretty much anything and everything except most rap/hip hop and country. =)

starsky/hutch, starsky/hutch/huggy, house/wilson, house/cuddy, chase/cameron, chase/foreman, chase/house, shawn/lassiter, shawn/gus, juliet/gus, greg/nick, greg/hodges, nick/hodges, well...hodges/anyone ^__^, catherine/warrick, nick/warrick, greg[vegas]/ryan[miami], cory/shawn, cory/topanga, chris/blake, boscoe/yokas, pete/berg, jim/pam, dwight/angela, michael/holly, toby/pam, michael/ryan, pacey/joey, reid/hotchner, reid/morgan, garcia/morgan, cappie/casey, evan/casey, calvin/heath, michael/fiona, jack/will, jack/norrington, jack/elizabeth, will/norrington, jack/will/norrington, jack/elizabeth/will, chaucer/will, chaucer/wat, chaucer/will/wat, will/wat, gerard/frank, gerard/mikey (yes I'm going to Hell, I know...), frank/bob, frank/mikey, bob/gerard, bob/ray, brendon/ryan, jon/spencer, brendon/ryan/jon/spencer, gabe/the world, cobra starship/the world, william/gabe, gabe/mikey, pete/patrick, patrick/the world, spencer/the world, hugh laurie/robert sean leonard, jack/ianto, captain jack harkness/captain jack harkness, tosh/owen, chad/ryan, jon/tom, nick/de'mar, kris/adam, adam/simon, adam/simon/ryan, simon/ryan, david/michael, vicky-t/ashlee, vicky-t/greta, vicky-t/alicia, vicky-t/maja, greta/maja, alicia/maja, mikey/alicia, boy!alicia/my chem (which on one has written me yet. *sad*), brian schechter/the world, anyone in TAI/anyone in TAI, basically anyone in bandom/anyone in lie. =)

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I see we have a few things in common.

Add me?

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Sure. Added. =D

I have intro posts here if you want to check those out and learn a little more about me. =D